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The Butcher Brothers Traveling Circus


The stranger, a seemingly harmless old man, was welcomed into their camp

one cold night.  In exchange for their hospitality, he offered to tell them their

fortunes. Intrigued, the brothers agreed.  The stranger's predictions were

eerily accurate, speaking of their past successes and future prospects, sharing with them things only they were privy to.  However, his final prophecy was one of doom - he spoke of a curse that would befall their family, a darkness that would consume every generation henceforth.

Although somewhat unsettling, still the brothers dismissed the stranger's

ominous prophecy as mere ramblings of an old man.  However, as the years

passed, they couldn't help but notice a familiar pattern.  As predicted, each generation of the Butcher family was always blessed with two and only two sons, and each pair of brothers seemed to be plagued by a darkness that would inevitably lead to their downfall.

The Butcher Brothers Traveling Circus

The Butcher Brothers Traveling Circus has been a family legacy, passed down from generation to generation. However, this legacy carries a dark curse that seems to consume those who bear the Butcher family name.  The curse, as it is known, always manifests in the form of two sons born to each generation of the Butcher family.

The origins of the curse trace back centuries to the very first

generation of the Butcher family circus. The founding brothers,

William and Nathaniel Butcher, were renowned for their

spectacular performances and the joy they brought to towns

across the country.  However, their lives took a dark turn when

they encountered a mysterious stranger during their travels.








The curse would manifest itself in different ways. Some brothers fell into madness, others succumbed to their darkest desires, and some were consumed by their obsessions.  Despite their best efforts to break the cycle, the curse seemed to persist, casting a shadow over the Butcher family legacy.

Butcher Family Tree

  • William and Nathaniel Butcher - Founders of the Butcher Brothers Traveling Circus.

  • Their sons, Samuel and Benjamin Butcher:
    Samuel fell into madness, while Benjamin
    was consumed by his obsession with power.

  • Samuel's sons, Robert and James Butcher:
    Robert succumbed to his darkest desires,
    while James tried to break free from the
    family legacy, only to be pulled back in.

  • James' sons, Jason and Edward Butcher:
    Jason fell victim to alcoholism and neglect,
    leading to the downfall of the circus, while

    Edward tried to keep 
    the spirit of the circus alive, only to be consumed by bitterness and isolation.

  • Jason's son, Jack Butcher was born into a tumultuous environment, drug him down a path of manipulation and chaos.  Jack was shaped by the darkness that loomed over his childhood.

The Butcher family's history is a testament to the curse that has haunted them for generations.  Despite their attempts to escape their fate, the darkness always seems to find a way back, casting its ominous shadow over their lives. The legacy of the Butcher Brothers Traveling Circus is not just one of spectacle and joy, but also of a haunting curse and the relentless pursuit of breaking free from it.

Blood Brothers:  Jason and Edward Butcher
The World-Renowned Butcher Brothers Traveling Circus was once a spectacle of wonder and excitement, drawing crowds from far and wide.  Jason and Edward Butcher, the sons of the original owners, inherited the circus from their parents, carrying forward their legacy of awe-inspiring performances and captivating attractions.

Jason, the elder brother, was entrusted with the responsibility of managing the circus. However, he fell victim to the demons of addiction, succumbing to the depths of alcoholism.  As his dependency worsened, his commitment to the circus waned.  Neglected and plagued by mismanagement, the circus spiraled into despair and financial ruin.

Disillusioned and filled with ange at his brother's negligence, Edward chose to distance himself from the crumbling circus.  With a heavy heart, he gathered a group of loyal circus performers who shared his passion for the arts and vowed to keep the spirit of the circus alive.  Together, they abandoned Jason and the detergiorating circus, seek solace in the old dilapidate ancestral home left behind by their parents. 

In the In the solitude of the ancestral home, the remnants of their family's  history whispered tales of forgotten dreams and abandoned hopes. 

The darkness that clung along the dilapidated halls seeped into the hearts of Edward and his companions.  Something sinister lurked within the shadows, its malevolent presence growing stronger with each passing day.

As shut-ins, the group became consumed by their bitterness and isolation,

cut off from the outside world. Their connection to the circus, once a source

of joy and camaraderie, now carried a haunting weight.  The ancestral  home

became both their sanctuary and their prison, trapping them in a web of

sorrow and foreboding.

Meanwhile, Jason, burdened by the wreckage he had left behind, attempted

to rebuild his life outside the circus. He sought solace in his family, desperately trying to leave his troubled past behind. Jack, his wife, and their young son distanced themselves from the circus, seeking a fresh start far from the memories that haunted them.

But the terrors that had befallen the circus were not so easily escaped. An unseen evil, drawn to the dark energy that surrounded the Butcher family, followed Jason and his kin.  Its presence loomed over them, a constant reminder of the circus' downfall and the consequences of Jason”s actions.

As the years passed, the Butcher Brothers Traveling Circus became a distant memory, its faded glory buried in the annals of history.  Yet, the remnants of their fractured family continued to bear the scars of their past.  Each brother carried the weight of their choices, forever haunted by the path they had taken.

Only time would reveal whether redemption and reconciliation would find their way to the Butcher brothers, or if the darkness that had consumed their lives would continue to cast its ominous shadow over their futures.

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