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Richard Muller
The Butcher

Richard "The Butcher" Muller Origins

Richard Muller was once an unassuming assistant to the cook in the Butcher Brothers Traveling Circus, his skills in meat preparation and carving unparalleled.  However, beneath this seemingly harmless facade, Richard harbored a morbid fascination with anatomy.  His gruesome experiments, initially limited to the discarded meals from the circus, remained his well-guarded secret.

Richard’s obsession took a sinister turn when he began experimenting on live circus animals, causing a string of unexplained disappearances.  Jason Butcher, one of the managing brothers, eventually stumbled upon Richard in the midst of one of these horrifying procedures.

Horrified and repulsed, Jason immediately banished Richard from the circus.  His actions marked him as a pariah, his name forever tarnished within the circus community.  Richard disappeared from public view, his whereabouts unknown.

In his seclusion, Richard's descent into madness accelerated.  The man once known affectionately as "Dickie" to the circus folk disappeared, inevitably replaced by the persona of "The Butcher."  On his own now, his gruesome acts escalated, targeting drifters who wouldn't be missed, his signature being dismembered bodies in his wake.

As Edward Butcher and his troupe were breathing life into the ancestral home, the whispers of their endeavor reached the secluded corners where Richard Muller resided.  The news of a revival, a homage to the once magnificent Butcher Brothers Traveling Circus, intrigued Richard.  It stirred memories of the past, a life he once cherished and the beginning of his descent into the macabre.

After years of isolation and obscurity, Richard decided to emerge from the shadows.  With a sense of purpose renewed, he contacted Edward, revealing the truth of his banishment, his transformation, and his horrifying alter ego, "The Butcher."

In a chilling revelation, he confessed his gruesome actions, from the animal dissections in the circus to the horrifying crimes he committed in his exile.  Richard detailed his dark journey, his fascination with anatomy morphing into his ghastly obsession.

Edward, taken aback by the revelations, was initially hesitant.  Yet, he recognized an opportunity.  He saw the raw, terrifying allure The Butcher could bring. And, despite the dark past and the atrocities Richard had committed, Edward decided to reintegrate him back into the world of the circus.

Together, they expanded the ever growing collection of characters, folding The Butcher's horrifying acts and legacy into the house of horrors.  Richard's presence, both as a symbol of gruesome terror and as a connection to their past, amplified the terror, making Mad Jack’s Haunted House a chilling tribute to the Butcher family legacy and the macabre tale of The Butcher himself.

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