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"Every mask hides a story, and every story has its shadows. Mine? It's a tale written in the ink of oblivion, painted with the hues of madness."


Ziggles’ story arcs from tragedy to transformation, encapsulating the essence of both joy and terror. Originally a man without memories, taken under the wing of Edward Cain Butcher, he is thrust into the colorful world of the Butcher Brothers Traveling Circus.


There, reborn as Ziggles, he discovers his true calling, radiating joy and laughter, and quickly becoming a cherished presence among the circus community. His natural charm and capacity for spreading happiness endear him to all, culminating in his wholehearted adoption of the clown's mantle.

However, his retreat to the ancestral mansion of the Butcher family marks the beginning of his dark transformation. This altered state presents a stark contrast to his former self, now marked by a sinister mirth and capriciousness. Embracing the grim, Ziggles wields his erstwhile gleeful aura as a tool to invoke terror, complemented by his eerie clown mask and strikingly sinister attire.

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"The visage in the mirror began to warp, the once vibrant hues of my costume dimming into the colors of the night.  My reflection

no longer brought comfort; it became a canvas for my twisted evolution.  The paint, once applied in strokes of happiness, now

traced lines of a grimace too wide, too eerie.  My smile, once genuine, became a grotesque parody of joy, a mask that concealed

the turmoil churning within."

Ziggles is a complex character embodying personality traits that oscillate between the playful and the sinister. His terrifying playfulness, a dark reflection of his former self, delights in inciting fear, showcasing a transformation from joy to something far more malevolent. Enshrouded in mystery, Ziggles keeps those around him guessing about his true intentions and the depths of his change:

Terrifyingly Playful:  In a twisted echo of his past, Ziggles exhibits a terrifying playfulness, taking delight in the fear he incites. This playfulness is dark, imbued with malice, and serves as a reminder of the joy he once brought to audiences, now corrupted into something far more sinister.

Mysterious:  Ziggles retains an element of mystery, not just in his origins but in his motivations and the extent of his transformation. This mystery keeps those who encounter him guessing, never quite sure if there's more to him than each of the scares' he delivers.

Introspective:  Beneath his scary exterior, Ziggles is deeply introspective, often reflecting on his transformation and the loss of his former self.  This introspection adds a layer of depth to his character, suggesting a struggle between the remnants of his past joy and the darkness that now defines him.

Unpredictable:  Ziggles' actions are as unpredictable as a storm, capable of changing direction without warning.  This unpredictability keeps his victims on edge, never quite sure what form his next scare will take. It's this element of surprise that makes him an effective, terrifying clown.

Ephemeral Presence:  Ziggles possesses an almost supernatural ability to appear and disappear at will, manifesting suddenly from the shadows when least expected.  This trait, his ephemeral presence, enhances his terrifying persona, making encounters with him unpredictable and deeply unsettling.

Vindictive:  There are moments when Ziggles' actions carry a hint of vindictiveness, a desire to make others feel the depth of his own loss and transformation.  This trait makes his actions not just acts of terror but also expressions of his own pain, inflicted upon those who dare enter his domain.

Unnerving Patience:  Ziggles exhibits a disconcerting level of patience, lying in wait for the perfect moment to reveal himself.  This patience allows him to observe his victims, learn their fears, and then exploit them at the most impactful moment.  His ability to wait, silently and unseen, before striking adds a layer of psychological terror to his persona.

Cold Empathy:  There's a cold, twisted form of empathy in how Ziggles interacts with his victims.  He seems to understand their fears intimately, almost sympathetically, yet uses this understanding to tailor his frights in the most personal and disturbing ways possible.


Personality:  Ziggles is exceptionally bouncy and high-energy, much like Tigger.  He's constantly on the move, bouncing around the haunted house with boundless enthusiasm.  He loves to startle and surprise visitors with sudden bursts of laughter and unnerving clownish antics.  While he enjoys playing tricks on visitors, there's always a creepy and eerie undertone to his humor.

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 Ziggles Origins

On a particularly cold night, as the Butcher Brothers Traveling Circus was winding down from a day's performance, Edward Butcher decided to take a late stroll around the outskirts of the circus grounds. It was then, in a shallow ditch not far from the tents, that he stumbled upon an unconscious man.  The man was in a dire state, his clothes torn and soiled, his body and hair streaked with orange dye, indicating a recent and violent altercation.

Without hesitation, Edward lifted the man from the ditch with a strength borne of urgency.  He recognized an innate dignity in the stranger, despite his current state, and felt an unexplained responsibility for him.  Edward personally took him to the nearest hospital, ensuring he received immediate care. He introduced the man as a performer from his circus to the hospital staff, simplifying the explanation of his condition and appearance.

As the man slowly regained consciousness in the glow of the hospital's sterile light, he found himself ensnared in a web spun from the threads of his own mind, a place where memories should have resided.  Despite the caregivers' efforts to jog any recollection of his past, his identity remained as elusive as a shadow at dusk.  Physically mended but spiritually adrift, he faced the daunting prospect of being discharged into a world devoid of familiarity.

During this period of uncertainty, Edward's visits emerged as the sole constant in his life.  Initially a stranger, Edward's presence soon became a beacon of calm within the storm raging inside him.  When the hospital prepared to release him, Edward stepped forward with an offer that promised a new beginning - not as a performer, but as a helping hand behind the scenes of the Butcher Brothers Traveling Circus. This offer, stemming from Edward's intuition, suggested that this man, bereft of his past, might carve out a future amidst the sawdust and spotlights.

The day Edward Butcher discovered him, he was clad in a black suit marred by orange dye, a stark indicator of his tumultuous arrival into Edward's world.  In a moment filled with levity, Edward shared their first encounter's memory: "When I found you covered in all that orange dye, you reminded me of Tigger.  But I think 'Ziggles' suits you better." The first genuine smile in what felt like an eternity spread across the young man's face. "Ziggles," he echoed, accepting the name and Edward's offer, marking the beginning of his new identity.

Ziggles’ assimilation into circus life was a gradual process. Initially, he lingered in the background, a silent observer among more vibrant displays, absorbing the rhythms of circus life and finding his place. The circus community welcomed him without reservation, his enigmatic past and unusual introduction woven into the fabric of their collective narrative.  Yet, it was within this assembly of misfits and dreamers that Ziggles began to rediscover himself - not as the man he once was, but as the individual he was destined to become.

Despite his inconspicuous role, Ziggles’ innate charisma and joyfulness began to manifest.  His laughter, once a seldom-heard melody, soon harmonized with the daily cadence of circus life, attracting both performers and crew towards his radiance. Edward observed this transformation, recognizing that Ziggles’ natural place was not in the penumbra but in the limelight, enchanting all with laughter and amazement.

By embracing the name Ziggles and the role Edward offered, the man without a past embarked on a journey toward a future defined not by who he had been, but by who he chose to become. The remnants of his ordeal - the black suit and orange vest - were shed for the vibrant attire of a circus hand, and eventually, that of the circus' cherished clown.  Within the embrace of his new circus family and the laughter of the audience, Ziggles found not just a home, but a purpose and a belonging that the shadows of his forgotten past could never overshadow.

As weeks melted into months, Ziggles’ essence at the Butcher Brothers Traveling Circus transformed from a mere whisper to a resplendent beacon, illuminating the core of the circus' aspirations.  Under Edward's tutelage, supported by the collective spirit of the circus family, Ziggles unearthed talents previously veiled even to himself.  His evolution from a background figure to a central performer was marked by an increasing confidence and a repertoire that captivated audiences far and wide.

Edward, recognizing the unique spark within Ziggles, nurtured his foray into performance.  Starting with modest acts that hinted at Ziggles’ potential, each show saw his confidence and skill burgeon.  Ziggles’ profound connection with the audience, his ability to transform the simplest act into a moment of unadulterated joy, underscored his natural aptitude for performance, a gift refined in the crucible of his mysterious past and the nurturing embrace of the circus.

Ziggles’ journey from the shadows to become a master of laughter was a testament not only to his resilience but also to the circus' ability to cultivate talent from the most unexpected sources. His performances, imbued with slapstick humor, vibrant antics, and an infectious joy, became the cornerstone of the circus' allure. Audiences, drawn by his rising fame, experienced a joy that transcended the boundaries of the circus ring - a reminder of the simple pleasures of laughter and wonder.

However, as years unfurled, the once tight-knit fabric of the circus community began to unravel, strained by the neglect and personal demons of Edward's brother, William. The circus' decline, precipitated by William's alcoholism, cast a pall over their shared dreams. Faced with the disintegration of their creative haven, Edward made the difficult choice to leave, hoping to salvage the remnants of their vision. Ziggles, loyal to the bond they shared, followed Edward, stepping away from the limelight and into the uncertainty of a new beginning.

Together, they retreated to the Butcher ancestral mansion, seeking refuge and a fresh start. Yet, the isolation and the mansion's oppressive atmosphere catalyzed Ziggles’ transformation into Ziggles, a figure of terror far removed from the beloved clown he once was. This metamorphosis, driven by the loss of his audience and the encroaching darkness of their new surroundings, marked the end of Ziggles’ story as a bringer of joy and the beginning of a more sinister chapter.

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