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Where Fears Come to Life in an Immersive and Engaging Nightmare!

Mad Jack's Haunted House: Home to the Twisted Outcasts

Explore the ultimate blend of fear and fun at Mad Jack's Haunted House, where adventures await. Join the ranks of thrill-seekers who've experienced the immersive terror of this haunted attraction. Our hauntingly realistic actors engage you in a way that transcends the ordinary haunted house experience.

But that's not all! Venture even further into the Twisted Outcasts universe, where horror and mystery thrive. Immerse yourself, if you dare, with these unusual cast of characters, in real-time, to uncover their twisted tales, and become an integral part of their suspenseful narratives. You won't be just another observer; you'll be a participant in their ever-evolving epics.

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Discover the Thrills at Mad Jack's Haunted House: Home of the Twisted Outcasts

Discover the thrilling world of Mad Jack's Haunted House, the premier destination for fans of Mad Jack's Twisted Outcast narrative. Our Victorian-themed haunted attraction is a must-visit for enthusiasts of supernatural storytelling and interactive horror experiences. Nestled in Ardmore, Oklahoma, our house is well-known for its immersive encounters with characters from the beloved Twisted Outcast series.

Dare to step inside and meet the infamous Twisted Outcasts up close and in person. Our expertly crafted live performances are renowned for their authenticity and attention to detail, ensuring that every visitor is part of the story from the moment they cross our eerie threshold. Engage with the characters you've only read about, in an atmosphere teeming with the chilling presence of the otherworldly.

As the top-rated haunted house experience in the region, Mad Jack's is perfect for those seeking an unforgettable night of mystery and horror. Our commitment to exceptional customer experiences and interactive engagement is evident in every shadowy corner and ghostly encounter.  Join the legions of Twisted Outcast fans and become part of the legend.

Plan your visit to Mad Jack's Haunted House today and witness the chilling saga of the Twisted Outcasts coming to life. Book your tickets now and prepare for an adventure into the heart of darkness that you will never forget.

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