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Where Fears Come to Life in an Immersive and Engaging Nightmare!

Mad Jack's Haunted House: Home to the Twisted Outcasts

Step right up to the ultimate Halloween fright fest at Mad Jack's Haunted House, where the veil between reality and nightmare is at its thinnest. Recognized as one of the best and scariest haunted house attractions, Mad Jack's offers an unparalleled mix of horror and fun, wrapped up in an immersive, engaging storytelling experience. The heart of this terrifying adventure lies in the lore of the Twisted Outcasts, a band of sinister characters that roam the corridors and hidden chambers, each with their own harrowing tale that intertwines with the dark history of Mad Jack himself. From the moment you enter, you're not just a visitor; you're part of the show, where the Twisted Outcasts lead you through a series of live performances that set the stage for a night of unforgettable horror. Each room and corridor has been meticulously designed to transport you into a world where each turn and twist in the story leaves you eagerly anticipating—or perhaps dreading—what comes next. It's not just a haunted house; it's a place where your darkest fears and the tales of the Outcasts are played out in vivid detail, making it the perfect destination for Halloween thrill-seekers.

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Discover the Best Thrills at Mad Jack's Haunted House: Home of the Twisted Outcasts

Embark on a journey to Mad Jack's Haunted House, the premier destination this Halloween for enthusiasts captivated by the intriguing saga of the Twisted Outcasts. Set against the backdrop of a Victorian-themed haunted house in the heart of Ardmore, Oklahoma, Mad Jack's is a nexus for those drawn to the art of supernatural narratives and immersive horror experiences. Esteemed for its commitment to plunging visitors deep into the narratives of the Twisted Outcast series, Mad Jack's crafts a unique venture into a world where the lines between horror and historical lore blur seamlessly.


Step over the threshold to meet the notorious Twisted Outcasts up close. Praised for their compelling realism and precision in portrayal, our live performances ensnare you in the narrative's web, transforming you from mere observer to a key player in the unfolding drama. Witness characters, once confined to the written word, spring to life amidst settings that pulse with an otherworldly, chilling presence.

As the pinnacle of haunted house experiences in the region, Mad Jack's stands as the essential venue for those chasing a night replete with enigma, horror, and the essence of fear. Our commitment to an outstanding visitor journey is evident in every shadowed nook and spectral manifestation, guaranteeing an evening of active participation and memorable terrors. Align yourself with fellow Twisted Outcast aficionados and dive into the myths.

Arrange your visit to Mad Jack's Haunted House now and see the chilling saga of the Twisted Outcasts unfold before your eyes. Book your tickets for an expedition to the core of darkness, ready to encounter the most captivating horror tales this Halloween has to offer. Gear up for an escapade that prowls the dusky corners of your nightmares, a haunting celebration bound to etch itself in your memory.

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